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 Fantasy Guildelines - Please read!

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Fantasy Guildelines - Please read!  Empty
PostSubject: Fantasy Guildelines - Please read!    Fantasy Guildelines - Please read!  EmptyFri Jun 25, 2010 7:45 pm

The Fantasy section for roleplay is dedicated to stories of a, well, fantasy genre!

The sorts of roleplays that should be seen here are those of a medieval setting, or even an entirely modern setting with magical influences. New, custom worlds heavy with arcane energies and mythical creatures would go here! Maybe you want to base a roleplay in ancient Egypt and change history! If so, then please list it here.

To get an roleplay started please follow this format:

First, it's best to start up a discussion topic on your roleplay idea to get interest in your idea! Take suggestions, give it a title to stand out, make adjustments, make sure it's all figured out and ready to go before you move on.

Next, start your sign up thread! Make sure you have a profile format for characters figured out so people can apply! Discuss changes in characters to properly fit the setting and story! Keep everything civil, please.

Lastly, get your roleplay started! In the 'story' section you'll start the actual roleplay. The first post should typically be an introduction to the roleplay and a list of characters currently taking part. It's best to keep the actual roleplay thread looking neat so quoting posts multiple times should be avoided!

Yes, it does seem like a long and drawn out process to get a roleplay started but it's to prevent countless roleplay threads from being started then getting no where. <3
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Fantasy Guildelines - Please read!
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