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 Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I

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Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I Empty
PostSubject: Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I   Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 7:38 am


Hard continuity: Medieval fantasy, no gunpowder or explosive technology, magic will play a heavy role. Magic may not altar time. No Far Eastern influences.

Consent Status

No Consent. However PKing for the hell of it won't be tolerated.

Character Limitations

Non-standard fantasy races are allowed, but heavily restricted. Feel free to apply as something non-standard, but expect a long conversation about it in your future. D&D style races and classes please, that way we all have a common reference to use. No multiclassing, please, however I will allow Prestige classes upon character creation, which do the same thing anyway. is one of the best resources out there. is also good, make sure you're using D&D 3.5 resources. Please don't use homebrew content.

I will also allow you to create your own classes, that encompass different combinations of skills. As with racial limitations, expect longer conversations.

As for character backgrounds, I have decided that the RP has no set, official backdrop. You may invent places that your character is from, and even collaborate on the creation of these places. They will play little to no part in the direction of the RP, but will surely affect character motivations.

Violence Detail

Realistic, but not excessive. NC-17.



Combat System

As per my rules, here, with some changes:

During character creation, you may give your character up to five perks. Each perk must be offset by a weakness, so that they are equal. Both perks and weaknesses MUST involve abilities that are available to your chosen class.

Perks will give your character a minus one AP cost when performing related activities.

Weaknesses will give your character a plus one AP cost when performing related activities.

For example;

A mage might take a an Illusion perk, decreasing the cost of all illusion spells they cast by one AP, and take a weakness in evocation, increasing the cost of all evocation spells by one AP.

A fighter might take a perk related to a specific weapon, like longsword, reducing all AP costs for actions that directly involve that weapon. He might also take a weakness in shields, increasing the AP cost of all actions he takes while using a shield.

A battlemage might take a perk in combat casting, reducing all AP costs for spells cast while in melee combat, but a weakness in ranged casting, increasing the AP cost of all spells that target opponents further than five feet away. Or visa-versa

You may take as many or few as you like, you don't have to include any of them at all if you want to have a character with a wide range of skills.


Roleplay begins on Blade Isle, an island off the coast of a large, unexplored continent. The island is named for the Southern mountain range, that curves Eastward and ends in a point. It has been inhabited for a few years, and has developed a stable economy. It is the gateway to a new frontier, the only safe port for parties from all areas of the Old World. The island is run, from the coastal city of Northwatch, by a human Count named Darius. He was selected because his family has no known major political affiliates in the Old World, since races of all kinds, followers of all religions, and adventurers from all levels of society will be looking to make their claims on the mainland. Before long, rumours of powerful magical and divine relics started seeping back to the countries to the West, and almost immediately representatives of the magi, and the devotees of various gods, began appearing. Today there are two new institutions on the island, the first is the the Ordo Convectoris, a group of clerics and Paladins from several different faiths, who aim to gather divine relics and keep them safe. The second institution is an order of wizards, who have sworn to study the ancient ruins and artifacts of an arcane nature, and prevent them from falling into the hands of those who would use them for ill; the Secuuti Veritatis. Both seek to control the number of adventurers on the mainland, and forced Count Darius to create a passport policy - an intense screening process with a representative of each Order present. Though their mandates are very similar, the Ordo Convectoris and the Secuuti Veritatis have had a rocky relationship from the start, working with one another out of necessity, not choice.

Even with these policies, however, it was soon discovered that, somehow, relics, scrolls and tomes were getting into the black market. It wasn't long before the Ordo Convectoris declared a complete lockdown of Blade Island, refusing to allow any more passports to be given. The Count, grudgingly, bent to their will on the matter, and for the past several weeks, has been actively hiring the adventurers in town to try and get to the bottom of it.

To make matters worse, there have been disturbing rumours spreading throughout the island. A symbol has been periodically popping up, and so have wizards who bear it. Most commonly, it is seen in red or in blue, stitched to surcoats or robes. A twelve rayed sun, over-set by a strange rune. Those who don't know what the symbol means, are baffled. Those who do, have retreated into a disturbed silence. Not one scholar has replied to any requests for identification.


Ordo Convectoris:

Composition: Clerics, paladins, and other divine spellcasters or devoted crusaders.
Alignment: Mostly Lawful Good.
Goals: The acquisition of relics.
Deities: The group is made up of the devoted followers of many different Gods. Most of them are good aligned.
Motivation: Belief in divine right and inheritance of relics left on the mortal planes. The wish to appease their gods, and the fear that cults may begin to arise if the new discoveries are not somehow connected with the current pantheon. The wish to keep the relics from falling in to the hands of long established enemies, followers of darker gods. Bringing a holy way of life to the settlers on the mainland.
Symbol: The golden image of an eye, with no pupil.

Secuuti Veritatis:

Composition: Wizards, battlemagi, spellswords, sorcerers, and other arcane spellcasters.
Alignment: Varied good and neutral alignments.
Goals: The acquisition of relics, the study of ruins, artifacts, and archeological finds.
Deities: Mostly secular.
Motivation: Belief that the knowledge, and power, that can be gained from exploring the mainland is dangerous. The search for more knowledge and power for themselves, to be used in ways that they deem to be correct and proper. The preservation of ancient history, the discovery of ideas and philosophies long since lost.
Symbol: A long spyglass, set on an angle.

Ordo Nova:

Composition: Mostly arcane spellcasters, but will vary.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Goals: Unknown.
Deities: Unknown.
Motivation: Unknown.
Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I Epsilon

The Thieves Guild, real name unknown:

Composition: Scoundrels from all walks of life, and all skillsets.
Alignment: From neutral to evil.
Goals: Unknown.
Deities: Varied.
Motivation: Unknown.
Symbol: n/a

More factions will appear as the plot continues. And more information about each will become available as your characters explore the world.

Playable Factions:


Recommended Factions:

Unaffiliated. It is highly recommended that you do not begin this RP affiliated with a faction, especially if you are new to strict roleplay.

Open Factions:

Ordo Convectoris, Secuuti Veritatis

Restricted Factions:
(permission only)

Ordo Nova

Currently Locked Factions:
(not playable, yet)

Thieves Guild

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Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I   Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 7:43 am

Character Application Template:

All fields are required if applicable.





Requested Class:

Requested Faction:



Physical Description:




Class Abilities:

Racial Abilities:

Faction Granted Abilities:

Spell list:
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Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I   Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 2:50 am

Name: Darienne Faiyth Sacrina

Race: Human

Age: 20

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Requested Class: Hawkmage

Requested Faction: Order of the Nova


1. Ranged casting - all spells aimed at targets further than five feet's distance cost 1 less AP.

2. Staff Combat - Defending and attacking with stave weapons costs 1 less AP.

3. Offensive Casting - All spells she casts of an offensive nature cost one less AP.

4. Multitarget spells: All spells she casts at multiple targets cost one less AP.


1. Close casting - All spells aimed at targets at or less than five feet's distance cost 1 more AP.

2. Armor - Darienne cannot wear armor of any type. It bothers her immensely and seriously disrupts her spellcasting. +1 AP to all actions while wearing armor.

3. Defensive Casting - All defensive spells she casts cost +1 AP.

4. Unarmed combat - Darienne does not know the first thing about this kind of combat, and attacking and defending in this manner cost +1 AP.

Physical Description: Darienne is rather slim for her height, which is five feet, four inches. Her hair is a mahogany brown, with her bangs pulled behind her ears and the rest pulled into an easily manageable ponytail. Her skin is pale, with detached green eyes sitting over a somewhat stern expression, giving the impression that she missed very little. She wears a pale blue linen shirt, long sleeved. The sling for the staff of her youth has long since been abandoned, replaced by a plaited black leather belt. From the belt hangs a single bag, held in place by a tightened purse string which is looped around and through itself to prevent theft. Always either in her left hand or nearby is a staff, silver in color, topped with a single bright blue star sapphire. A dark blue cloak is clasped at her throat with a brooch, which is in the form of a hawk. The body is gold, with a single ruby in the place of an eye. On the left side of her shirt is the insignia of the Order of the Nova, settled above her heart. Her pants are of brown, soft leather and on her feet are a pair of adventurer's boots.

History: Due to complications during her birth, Darienne's mother died shortly thereafter. Her father felt that he could not handle the strain of both caring for a newborn and losing his wife, and so Darienne was given up to her aunt's care. Her aunt, a Baroness in the minor nobility, gave her an upbringing relative to the position the infant now held. When she was eight, the child began explaining how she could see things - colors, ebbs and tides of magics - without knowing what they were. She also began showing some signs of magical prowess, and due to the nature of the magical society in her homeland, she was too old to be sent to the traditional schooling most mages received. Instead, she was sent to the Archmage of Balance, Narsuun, at his Scarhawk Academy. Under his tutelage and eventually becoming his personal apprentice, she quickly progressed to the rate of Battlemage, granted at the age of seventeen. With the rank came her first Scarhawk, Mystril, a direct descendant of Narsuun's own mount, Saqa. Two years later, Mystril died of sepsis, the aftermath of a wound from a rusty old sword. Having had time to grieve and come to terms with the loss of her psionically bound partner, the woman set out for another - in the Elemental Plane of Air, returning a few months later astride an Arrowhawk. The following year, on her birthday, the Archmage made her an offer: She could, should she desire to do so, cross into a previously unknown realm as the leader of the Order of the Nova there. The Battlemage refused, preferring to put her experience on the battlefields of her homeland to use and instead took a slightly more modest position. Having come to this world by a mysterious portal, which closed after her arrival, the rest of her past since has been shrouded by her silence.

Personality: There is a still a trace of her early arrogance, tempered now by time and experience. She dislikes fighting but does not hesitate to bear arms and magic, should the situation arrive - Quite frankly, she'd rather be left alone to herself. She is not as impulsive as she once was, that also being quieted by time. She is not quiet, but she tends not to speak until she actually has something to say.

Equipment: Her staff, insignia and brooch, saddlebags for her Arrowhawk, a copy of Narsuun's spellbook.

Class Abilities: Chainmail, Concentration, Mounted Casting, Psionic Bond.

Racial Abilities: None, she's human, although she was born with Magesight, the ability to see the flows of magic around her. Because it is an inborn ability, she always has access to this skill and does not have to pay AP for it.

Faction Granted Abilities: Rebalance, Summon Ally (She can give anyone she chooses a token, PC and NPC, and can use it to summon them to her position magically in AP's time), Dimensional Portal, Dimensional Anchor. (Portal spells and Dimensional Anchor are both 3 AP spells)

Spell list:

Note: If Darienne uses any spell she has not memorized out of Narsuun's spellbook, she must be reading from the tome, and does not get AP bonuses for them. The following are memorized spells.

Chain Lightning (As per D&D) 7 AP

Poison fog -

This generates a large fog of chlorine gas that is not subject to dissipation by wind. Short term exposure (one to two rounds) causes choking, potential blindness and skin begins to burn. At three rounds, skin begins to blister. At four to five, blindness and serious blistering occurs, and at six any characters caught inside for that long have had their lungs completely burned out. Dissipates after the sixth round. 50 foot radius, 6 AP.

Featherfall -

Featherfall will most often be used as a rescue spell, although it holds potential for use as an offensive or defensive spell as well. Essentially, the use of this spell causes an area of air to become more dense, to about the same degree as cool syrup. This increases resistance and drag, thereby slowing falling characters. It can be adapted to most situations. Strength dependant wholly on AP. 3 AP can prevent death from falling a great height. However, broken bones and the like are to be expected. The more AP, the better results for the character being rescued.

Narsuun's Cloudburst -

This spell summons an area of heavy rain in a forty foot radius, the centre of which can be up to fifty feet away from the caster. During the five rounds that the spell is in effect, heavy rain will prevent anyone within the area of effect from moving more than five feet per movement AP spent. Upon the third turn, the entire area of effect will be coated in lightning. Anyone in its effects will recieve serious burns. Additional damage to armoured foes, very serious damage to those wearing metal helmets. 8 AP

Narsuun's Spellbain-

The act of casting a spell, especially a powerful one is a risky business. When a wizard summons energies from the world around them to shape into a spell, they become vulnerable in many ways. This spell draws a large amount of magical power that is directly opposed to a spell being cast and then adds to it - yes, it makes an opponent's spell more powerful. Then Narsuun transmutes the power under his control to the exact same type being used by his opponent. According to other unseen forces, likes do not mix well, and try to push each other apart. If the caster is smart, at this point, they will stop casting, and they, and anyone in close proximity will suffer magical burns from the resulting explosion. If however, the spell is continued, the power of the explosion will be dramatically increased, depending on the power of the completed spell. 7 AP

Narsuun's Dystrophic Barrage -

After being cast, her target will lose control of their body, which will go into violent convulsions for one combat round. (2 AP at base. Each added AP adds a combat round where the target is incapacitated)

Flash Freeze/Flash Flood -

This spell is very simple. Darienne covers the ground in water or ice to make traversing it difficult. 2 AP base, variable.

Stormstrike - Lightning bolt strikes her target. 3 AP.

Summoning Stone - Darienne occasionally gives these stones out to people. It's simple: When a stone is broken, Darienne will know, and be able to travel to that location via portal, even though she has never been there before.
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Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I   Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 1:53 pm

Character accepted! Smile
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Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I   Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 9:23 pm

Name: Silavae Ornures

Race: Elf

Age: 100

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Requested Class: Dragon Disciple (Silver)

Requested Faction: None.


1. Longsword combat - Attacking and defending with longswords take one less AP.

2. Combat Casting - All magical attacks cast in close combat cost one less AP.

3. Evocation - All evocation spells cost one less AP to cast.


1. Bows - Attacking with a bows cost one more AP

2. Multi-target and AoE spells - Casting a multi-target or AoE spell costs one more AP.

3. Rapiers - Attacking or defending with a rapier costs one more AP

Physical Description: Sila was very tall for an elf. Reaching a height of 6' 2". He was very thin for his height. His hair was incredibly long, reaching down to his waist, and shone a bright silver. His skin was very hard, and bore a silver tint. Short horns protruded from the top of his head, and pointed backwards. On his back were a pair of large silver wings. Across his chest was a leather tunic, worn over a simple sleeveless shirt. He wears a pair of leather chaps over his black pants. On his feet are a pair of leather boots. Over his wrists are a pair of leather braces. His hands are unarmored because of the claws protruding from his fingers. At his side is an elegantyl crafted longsword with a light blue sapphire in the pommel, and a vibrant blue blade.

History: Sila was born into a community of dragonborn elves, in the town of MakiaVi. His great grandfather is a great silver dragon, who bred with an elven woman. From that pair, a male half-dragon was born. His grandfather, rather than falling in love with a half-dragon as her father wanted, fell in love with an elf. His grandfather and grandmother had a single child, a draconic female elf named Daraesth. Being draconic, she was shunned by the community. Her parents disowned her. And she had to live on the outskirts of the town. She met Sila's father was a traveling merchant, venturing from town to town peddling wares. They lived together in the small house, and bore one child.

Even though the dragon in his blood was diluted, it still showed at an early age. By the time he was 15, he had mastered basic spells. Having a thirst for knowledge, and a great skill in magic, he learned quickly. His skill in magic was fueled majorly by the dragon blood in his veins. During his maturity he began to notice several differences from his elven father. First of which was his unnaturally hard skin. Another change he had noticed, was points on the top of his head.

There was one thing Sila loved just as much as magic, and that was swordsmanship. When he was young, his father gave him a simple iron sword, one from his merchant days. Sila would occasionally go into the forest and train with it. Unlike other elves, he was horrible at using bows. He managed to convince one of the townspeople to train him in the art of swordsmithing. His mentor was a half-dragon, who understood the troubles that Sila went through. He was rough on Sila, but Sila picked up the art quickly. His mentor also trained him in the use of swords. He tried multiple variants, but found that a longsword was his best. At one point, he tried using a rapier, but found that it was so light, that it threw him off balance multiple times.

When he was 50, he had fully mastered the arcane arts, and was a master swordsmith. He decided he would unleash the full extent of the dragonblood coursing through his veins. His skin began to harden, and gained a silverish tint. The points on his head grew fully, reaching a few inches long. Small claws grew out of his fingers. The changes took a while to get used to, and even caused some people to not recognize him. The first time his parents saw him after the change, they were furious. He had to get used to his new changes. When he had turned 80, he decided to go out into the world. When he told his family his plan, his father gave him a light blue sapphire, and a bar of blue ice. Sila took the bar, the gem, and a bar of iron he had. And crafted an elegant longsword, with a blade made of blue ice.

When he turned 100, his draconic blood awakened fully, wings sprouted from his back, and his claws reached their full length.

Personality: Even if he grew up in a community that shunned him, it could not be determined from his personality. He was a usually cheery person. Favoring the company of others rather than being alone. He was usually carefree, not dwelling much on serious situations. But when the time came to be serious, he was.

Equipment: Leather armor, blue ice longsword. Small sack with basic necessities.

Class Abilities: Dragonbreath ability(1/day 30ft cone of cold 1ap 3ap to avoid. Sila cannot cast spells the same turn he uses it.); Increased strength; Draconic spellpower; Dragon's revenge; Wings; Claws; hardened skin.

Racial Abilities: Longsword/Rapier/Bow skills. Leather armor.

Faction Granted Abilities: None.

Spell list:

Wall of ice - Sila is able to create a wall of ice in an area of his choosing. The wall is initially large enough to protect one person. A lot of force is needed to break through the wall(3 AP physical or magical). He can either increase the size or strength(more AP). Base cost 3 AP.

Frozen touch - Sila is able to enchant his hands in such a way that it will cause the next object or limb he touches to freeze. The duration of the freeze depends on how much time he spends preparing the spell. Base cost 3 AP Each added AP adds a round where the limb is frozen.

Ray of Frost - Sila is able to project a small ray of freezing air and ice from his pointing finger. It does minor damage and mainly serves as a distraction. Base cost 3 AP.

Polar Ray - Sila is also able to project a larger blue-white ray of freezing air and ice, dealing damage to a single target. 5 AP base cost.

Flash Freeze - Sila is able to freeze a small portion of the ground to make it difficult to traverse. 2 AP base.
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Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I   Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 10:42 pm

Looks alright to me, approved.
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Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I   Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I Empty

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Blade Island Signup, The War of Balance Part I
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