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 Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up.

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Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Empty
PostSubject: Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up.   Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. EmptySat Jun 26, 2010 3:46 am

A year ago, a deadly virus began to sweep over the entire North American continent. This deadly virus turned people into living zombies, it was transmitted by biting. One bite from one of these "zombies" would turn a normal human into the living undead. The virus worked by slowly sapping the persons strength, until they could could barely move at all. Then it killed them, and resurrected them as a zombie. Most cities have been infested with "them" so the only safe place is the unpopulated areas. A few bands of survivors have been seen wandering in the deserts. Their mission is to survive. One bite from a zombie, and they're done for.

Summary of Plot:
Zombie apocalypse, one bite means death, groups of survivors wandering in desert.

1. Please try to be as literate as you can. At least use full sentences when you type.
2. Try to be as mature as you can, don't be all: "LOLZOMBIESI'MMASHOOTTHEMFOO'SDEAD!"
3. Try to have fun. xP
4. For Equipment, don't overload yourself too much, 'they' are slow, but they can still catch you off guard if you aren't careful.
5. As for vehicle, not everyone has one, some people can share one, just don't make it too crazy.
6. As for profiles. They must be approved before you can post in the story thread.

This part, you don't even have to worry about. I will do this all myself. So unless you care about how infections are worked, then don't read this.

How Infections will work.
To keep it fair, I will use an equation to figure out how encounters will work.
I = Z/P * e
Where I is the infection percentage. Z is the number of Zombies, P is the number of people. And e is a constant depending on the encounter type. I will use 8 for non-ambush. And 12 for ambush.
But after this equation, we will also throw in common sense. With that equation, it says that in a non-ambush situation, 5 zombies and 2 people. There's a 20% chance of infection. So I will throw in common sense.
After the equation, I will then roll 1-100 in a random number generator. If it gets between 1 and the infected chance, then I will number all the people in the encounter, and roll the number of people in the group. Who's number shows up will be the one to get infected. I will PM that person and tell them that fate has happened that their character is going to get infected. If you are chosen to get infected, you can do what you wish with it. Hide it, tell friends. But you are still infected. This system is to prevent god-modding.

Profile Skeleton

Name: Harukastu Nekomata
Age: 19
Personality:His personality has changed drastically over the last year, zombie apocalypses will do that. He mostly cares for his companions, making sure they're all right before checking himself. He cares for the group he travels with like they are his family. Doing almost anything toprotect them.
Background:At the time of the outbreak, Harukastu was completing college. His parents were killed and turned into zombies, he took the guns from their house and ran off to the desert, attempting to escape to an unpopulated area. He met up with a group of survivors, and after checking him, they let him join. He's been with the group for around eight months now, participating in search missions for food and weapons, and defending the main camp from zombies.
Description:(Minus the ears. xD)
Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Volcvo
Equipment:He carries with him a 2-foot long machete he scavenged from his shed, as well as a single-bladed camping hatchet. He also carries a Russian-made SVT-40 with an attached scope, and bayonet, which he had gotten from his parents house before he headed to the desert. He grabbed around four clips of 10 bullets each. He keeps one clip in the gun at all times, and carries 3 with him. And a colt Anaconda .44 caliber revolver, he carries 6 shots in the gun, and around 18 extra shots.

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Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up.   Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. EmptyTue Jun 29, 2010 7:15 pm

Name: Aridianu
Age: 20
Personality: Hard to pinpoint really, when you guess he's gonna do one thing, he might do something completely different. Is an idiot in general but he isn't stupid.

Background: As a kid, he tinkered with a lot of stuff, finally discovering the joy of explosions, he set out trying to find what things explode when mixed together. He managed to combine this knowledge with his favourite toy. A slingshot. He designed small, non-lethal exploding pellets that could punch fairly big holes through tin can. In the later years (15ish) he had to put his broken slingshot to rest. At the age of 18, scrounging around an old abandoned military base, he discovered a hidden, locked chest, over the next four months, he worked to saw open that chest. Finally breaking through the lock, he opened the chest, only to find a SPAS12 shotgun, dusty, with a heap of ammo around. He started modifying it, with parts he scrounged up at a scrap heap. He's still tinkering with it, even to this day. More recently, he joined a convoy heading through the desert.
Description:Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Aridianu

Equipment: SPAS12 shotgun (Modified to have a scope). 20 rounds. Glock 18. 4 clips.
Miscellaneous: Lighters, cigarettes, a few bottles of alcohol.
Vehicle: None

And there. I don't see ANY problems you can have with this setup. Far from how I originally planned but meh. It's gotta meet everyone's standards no?

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Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up.   Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. EmptyTue Jun 29, 2010 8:15 pm

Name: Mintaka Seti

Age: 30

Personality: Mintaka is a quiet one by nature, when she's not scared out of her mind by undead things trying to eat her brain. Then she screams. A lot. Prone to panic, the woman doesn't like even being in the vicinity of a dead animal, much less dead people (they might try to eat her!). She prefers to be in the middle of a group, as there's less chance of getting bitten herself. Between letting a friend get bitten and saving herself...She'll save herself every time.

Background: Before the Plague, Mintaka worked as a small-stage actress, playing smaller venues and low-paying jobs around the city. When the dead starting rising and trying to eat her, she grabbed a bat and a prop pistol filled with blanks then stole a van and hauled ass out of town. True to her luck, the van broke down in the middle of the desert and now she's stuck using it for shelter. No gas, a little food, and an oasis nearby, Min's contented herself to waiting for a few days.

Description: Standing five feet, four inches, the woman could've been a secretary, except for the fact that her face was haggard and stress showed as crow's feet by her eyes. She wore a long sleeved, button-up white cotton blouse, over a trim thigh-length loose skirt. On her feet were well worn-in and comfortable white tennis shoes. Sandy brown hair fell to either side of her face, and the back was pulled into a ponytail. The focal point of a cute, if not outright attractive face was a pair of dark green eyes, over a small, defined nose and mouth that always seems to be half-smiling...when she isn't scared out of her wits.

Equipment: One semi-automatic pistol (13 rounds, all blanks), baseball bat.

Vehicle: None.
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Samual Warner

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Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Empty
PostSubject: Simon Crook   Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 9:55 pm

Name:Simon Crook

Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Maverick-2

Personality:At first glance, Simon might seem like the most ornery, unsocial man still unaffected by the plague. He has morals, of course, but he seems like he's not likely to help someone without making a fuss about it or looking out for his own safety first. Anyone who gets to know him, however, will see through the ruse. Due to his employment in the years leading up to the outbreak, the man has created a fictional persona that he has fallen into to help him survive and remain sane after the apocalypse. Underneath the facade he is a mite shy, especially around women, and regardless of being in character or not, he tends to uphold an often overwhelming attitude old western chivalry (though as mentioned above, he might not seem happy about it at first glance).

Background:Simon Crook, born Daniel Walsh, was raised into a family of old money. The grandson of a rancher made famous for breeding horses, Danny learned how to ride before he could walk. He lived in the city, but spent as much time as possible outdoors learning everything there was to know about the wilderness. Unfortunately, as 'progress' encroached on the borders of his family ranch, pressure was put on his ailing grandfather to sell the property. Soon, suburbs began to spring up, and eventually, much to young Danny's protests, the family was forced to sell most of their property. Danny's lust for knowledge was not halted though, and as he grew up he began to look back further into his family's past, learning the ways of the historic Wild West. So it was that Daniel got introduced to the business of historical re-enactment. He took on the role of Simon Crook, a cowboy sharpshooter at a historical fort, and for several years he developed his performing skills and his skills from early childhood grew into local legend.

The outbreak changed things. Working late at the fort one night, he was unaware of the initial infection as it reached the borders of his small town. It wasn't until one of the custodians was attacked that he became aware of just how screwed he was. From the administration building outside the fort, Daniel managed to make it to the wooden palisade and close himself in. Just him, a few of the horses, a wide selection of guns and a box of .22 shells kept on site in the case of issues with snakes. The garden had food, the well had water, and all Daniel could do was hole up and wait for the initial wave of infected had passed him by. He was stranded for four days while the world burned, staying awake for fear of being overrun until finally he passed out.

When he woke, he was Simon Crook, hero of the Wild West. Arming himself and packing food, he made a break for freedom with the horses that remained alive, heading south, keeping ahead of the ever growing zombie hoards, moving from town to town, oasis to oasis, just one more cowboy trying to survive. His first stop though, his old family homestead to stock up on ammo and pick up his own horses from what was left of the ranch.

Description:This man is about as close to someone can get to walking straight off the set of some western movie. A brown duster hangs down over a long sleeved collared white shirt and a gray vest. Brown pants with leather chaps are held up by a belt lined with silvery shells of pistol ammunition. Across his chest two more belts are slung, those holding rifle shells and one of them a revolver. A white cowboy hat hides a well tanned, somewhat grizzled face from the midday sun. Sandy-brown hair hangs down from beneath the hat, not worn in any particular style. Although his lips may be parted into a lop-sided smile, his eyes are ever sharp, vibrantly blue, and dangerous.

Equipment:One 1894 Winchester “Saddle Shooter” with interchangeable firing pins to allow for use of .30-30 cartridges as well as .45 colt cartridges (also used in his revolvers). Two .45 Colt Single Action Army (Peacemakers) One S & W Model 617 .22 Ten shot revolver. One Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun (12 gauge). Six road flares, 30 ft. of rope, 2 water skins to hold 4 liters of water, one bedroll, flint and steel, one 12 inch hunting dagger, 2 ammo bandoliers across the chest with pistol holsters, one belt with slots for pistol cartridges and two pistol holsters on either hip, one oil trail lantern. NOTE: Unless otherwise stated as being in his immediate possession, everything but his pistols, bandoliers and dagger are left with his horses.

Ammunition: Five shotgun shells, three empty shotgun shell casings, Twenty .22 cartridges, Eleven .45 cartridges, Five .30.30 cartridges.

Vehicle: Two horses, Annie and Zep.

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Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up.   Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 10:37 pm

Name: Alastor Thorne

Age: 25

Personality: Military service never quite rid Alastor of his creative spark, and it has had a tendency to get him into trouble. He knows quite well how to walk the line between acceptable behaviour and disciplinary action, and has been described by most of his commanding officers as a "wild card, but, unfortunately, very useful". He loves to build things, make things, and modify things he owns. Beware his grin. He likes to look on the bright side of life, a real glass half full guy, an attitude that many have found to be quite infuriating. He likes to think of himself as a guru when it comes to mechanics or engineering. Unfortunately, there's a lot of truth to it. "The Universe will provide, baby. Just let me get my wrench."

Background: He comes from a military family, his Grandfather served in World War 2 and his Father, at the time the virus broke out, was serving in Iraq. His parents had him when they were young, and by the time he was old enough to think about a career, his Father, a Colonel, had already convinced him to enlist and follow in the family footsteps. He had gone to school for mechanical engineering, and so he joined as a specialist. Before long he was working as a Sapper, and at the time of the outbreak was on a Sergeant's paygrade. The base he worked at had lasted for a surprisingly long time, but the constant siege of undead attackers eventually took its toll. It was decided that some of the base personnel would split up into convoys to go outside and look for supplies and survivors. A lot of the convoys didn't come back, and when the realized that a lot of their vehicles weren't going to return, Alastor started to improvise. Eventually the toll was too heavy, and what was left of the base personnel left in customized vehicles to try and find better locations, and other groups of people. Alastor is the last survivor of the convoy.

Description: Alastor isn't a particularly tall or imposing figure, his muscle is understated, and he's only 5'7". This is perhaps one of the reasons he was ranked as a specialist, rather than an NCO. He likes to be clean shaven, a continuing annoyance for him. It's hard to find the time, and he certainly doesn't have water to waste on shaving - so his chin is dotted with knicks and cuts. When asked why he's so obsessive about shaving, his standard reply is "grease in the beard". His hair was cut short, but given the apocalyptic nature of the situation, it's something he occasionally lets slide. Currently, his hair style can only be described as "mess". He wears military battle dress with a desert camouflage theme.

Equipment: He carries with him an FN-P90, one clip loaded and three carried (50 rounds to a clip), and a Jericho 941 with three clips, one loaded and two carried (10 rounds to a clip). A bayonet. A tactical vest with pouches for his magazines, a belt with a holster for his pistol. Two water skins.

Miscellaneous: An old fashioned razor, that belonged to his Grandfather (think Sweeney Todd or Pan's Labyrinth), an 8 inch crescent wrench attached to his belt with a lanyard.

In his vehicle: Welding tools, a small sledgehammer, a crowbar, a shovel, 20 days worth of MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat), four five-gallon tanks of water, all empty except two. Four full one-gallon tanks of gas. 50ft aircraft cable.


"The Pale Horse"

A very heavily modified Jeep, that Alastor was working on ever since his base started sending vehicles out for supplies. Quite how he got hold of all the equipment, he won't say. The first thing he did was rip out the engine and replace it with a V8 to compensate for the extra weight. Then he re-enforced the vehicles frame with pieces of metal he scrounged from around the base, paying particular attention to protecting the passengers. Finally, he made a hole in the top of his newly made metal armour, and fixed an M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun to the top of the Jeep, above the front passenger's seat, so that someone could stand on the back seat and fire it. He replaced all the bumpers with steel for good measure and painted the entire thing white. On the hood is a depiction of a skull, with two scythes crossed behind it. It's his pride and joy, but the beast is a gas guzzler, and only gets about 15 miles to the gallon. The M2 only has one belt of 150 rounds, housed in a box mounted on the side of the gun.
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Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up.   Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. EmptyFri Jul 09, 2010 9:24 am

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Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up.   Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up. Empty

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Zombie Apocalypse Sign-up.
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